EV4 was founded by Hans van der Meer and incorporated in the State of Oregon early 2010 as EV4 LLC. The company’s main office is located at 2727 SE Raymond Street in Portland, Oregon.
EV4 is in the business of design, finance, manufacturing, installation and operation of its innovative solar ETM™ charging station and smart grid system.

Over the years EV4 developed its solar powered EV charging station, trademarked as ETM™ (Energy Transfer Merchant) – a play on ATM. The fully integrated ETM™ station is equipped with a battery storage system and is capable of AC (Level 2) and DC (Level 3) fast charging of vehicles with renewable energy. Like an ATM storing and dispensing money the ETM™ captures, stores and dispenses energy.

The first ETM™ station was installed in Portland in May 2011, the second station in Seattle in December 2011. The fully integrated system including battery-based DC2DC® fast charging (patent pending) was completed in May 2013, installed in Tualatin, Oregon. Thereafter several ETM™ stations installed in Oregon, Washington and California.

Bird's Eye View Powin Station-001